SIXS' history began in 2009 in Italy, in Bagnara di Romagna (province of Ravenna) to be more precise. An overwhelming love for sports and an in-depth knowledge of textile technologies combined together to give rise to the company. The result is a patented, extremely innovative fabric sold on the world market of sports apparel, but that is made only in Italy. A fabric that optimally interacts with the human body. It is not a barrier, but rather a "second skin" able to ensure proper insulation and manage sweat wicking.

“Innovative Solutions for Sports”: is what the acronym and name SIXS stands for, so it is easy to guess how much innovation and research into the development of this product are deeply rooted.

Everything began with six simple products and no expensive advertising campaigns, but rather only the certainty of the quality and effectiveness of this Italian-made excellence.
In just two years SIXS became a brand distributed in over 1,000 points of sale throughout Italy simply by offering field tests to athletes and retailers.

Growth was non-stop, and the number of items in the catalog rose to over 100. No longer is just technical underwear offered. There are also sports outerwear (Activewear) lines, impact protection (Pro Tech), as well as a Kids line and a full range of accessories. All of this is based on the use of the patented fabric that makes SIXS items incomparable in terms of quality and effectiveness.