For any need, fill in the online form or send an email to, your email will be addressed according to the type of request and you will be contacted as soon as possible by our customer care.

Purchase Agreement

For orders processed via the consumer enters into an agreement with: SIXS s.r.l., Via 2 Giugno, 28/c, 48031 Bagnara di Romagna (RA) Italy.

The display of products on the website is for guidance only and does not imply a legally binding offer as it is simply a free catalogue. The sales agreement for the selected items in the cart will be completed by clicking the "Complete Purchase" button

The order is confirmed and accepted at the same time, immediately after the order is placed. The order confirmation will be displayed and sent by e-mail. With this order confirmation, the purchase agreement shall be deemed complete. We reserve the right to terminate the agreement in exceptional cases (e.g. non-availability of items). In such case, the customer will be immediately contacted and alternative items may be offered.

Customer service

Even though our controls are very thorough, an item that does not meet the normal quality standards may be delivered.

If this happens, fill in the specific online form in the section “Account / Order history and details”, by selecting the order subject to return.
Alternatively, use the form on the "Contact us" page by selecting the "Make a product return" option. It would help us if you could briefly explain the reason for return and detail the item’s defect, for instance by indicating it upon the item itself with a sticker.


The 24-month legal warranty requirement is applicable in all EU countries for any new items. Even in the event of a return under warranty, please fill in the appropriate online form.


The online store is currently available in English and Italian. We are not responsible for misunderstandings due to lack of language skills.

Document accompanying the items

Pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 1 of Ministerial Decree dated 21/12/1992, sales via mail order do not require the issuance of tax documents (receipts, invoices, etc.). The customer will receive an accompanying document for the item containing information in regard to the agreement (purchase order number, personal details of the customer, list of items ordered, information on e-commerce and payment, etc.). Please keep the accompanying documents as they are important both as proof of purchase and in case of a warranty claim. Warning: any applicable customs fees or any other hidden costs for shipment to countries outside the EEC shall be fully borne by the customer.

Competent jurisdiction

Any disputes or discrepancies shall be resolved in accordance with Italian legislation and submitted to the court of Ravenna, Italia.


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