Without temperature limits

The use of SIXS garments sets new standards of comfort during sports practice in the presence of any ambient temperature.


SIXS technical clothing is important not only during sports, keeping you warm and protected from the cold, even during breaks it allows you to dry the sweat away from the epidermis, keeping the muscles protected from harmful colds.

The greatest enemy of all skiers, it will seem strange, is the heat - what usually "thermal" clothing imprisons. This is what generates, when the muscles cool down in the chairlift or in the refuge, the feeling of frost on them.

Less clothing = more comfort

Thanks to SIXS technical garments from now on you will always be dry and warm, being able to use the minimum of external garments.

During the descent as in the chairlift and at the refuge, even without changing, you will always feel dry and warm. Never get wet inside and cold outside!

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