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Long Motorcycling socks

Code: SPEED2
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  • BreathFit Socks® fabric
  • Does not hold sweat, dry skin
  • Prevents the proliferation of bacteria and irritation
  • Seamless, no pressure points
  • Large protective padding inserts that absorb vibrations, shock and increase resistance
2 Colors

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Long Socks for Skiing and Motorbiking

Stretch socks with a multilayer structure to heighten the foot’s comfort inside motorcycling boots.

Large protective and absorbent terrycloth inserts on the front (tibial zone), on the toe and on the heel, and protecting the Achilles tendon.
In addition to softening blows and vibrations, the terrycloth increases the rubbing resistance of the sock in the zones concerned.

Ribbed construction to improve the adherence and stability of the sock on the foot.
Suitable for both warm and cold seasons



Socks are a fundamental element in completing sports clothing. Weather conditions, the sport played and appearance are all variables that make the choice of socks subjective and extremely important.

We are proud to be able to offer multisport products dedicated to cycling and motorcycling in our SOCKS range. Quality, design and attention to the finest detail ensure that once you have put on a pair of SIXS socks you will fall in love with them.

Fabric and technologies specially designed to make these products the best on the market: seamless design with no pressure points. Moreover, the BreathFit Socks fabric does not retain perspiration and always leaves the skin dry, in this way preventing bacteria and irritations from proliferating.

Product Details

Data sheet

External temperature
4 Seasons
Product Type
High sock

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Seamless Technology

Less seams for an absolute comfort

Antibacterial Fiber

Polypropylene fiber prevents foul odors and annoying irritations due to build-up of perspiration and chafing from forming

Hydrophobic Wave

It carries moisture to the outside so it can evaporate. The skin is always dry and thermal insulation is constant


Cushioning pads
Use and maintenance

Washing Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash with delicate programs at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C .
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron, avoid tear or force the fabric - especially when the product is wet.

SIXS recommends the use of detergents ResolvWear