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Compressive Short socks

VAT included
  • Promotes blood circulation and tissue oxygenation
  • Does not hold sweat, dry skin
  • Prevents the proliferation of bacteria and irritation
  • Seamless, no pressure points

Compressive Short Socks

Class 2” compression socks, suitable for use during sports activities.

Reinforced toe and heel for active use during sports, cycling, running or other. With its special variable density weave, it compresses the muscle fibers in just the right points to assist blood circulation and therefore oxygenation of the tissues.

This prevents lactic acid from accumulating in the calf muscles, which delays fatigue and drastically reduces recovery time.


Principle of operation

With their special variable density weave, SIXS Compression products compress the muscle fibers in just the right points to assist blood circulation and therefore tissue oxygenation. It is like having muscles that are constantly massaged throughout their performance.

Like for all SIXS items, also in this case the yarns used are the result of painstaking technological research, are of top quality and foster breathability by helping eliminate sweat from the skin, thus preventing annoying irritations.

When to use them

The term "performance" does not refer just to racing efficiency. The compression garments offer several benefits even before start. They improve blood circulation, which warms up the muscles faster. Graduated compression on the limbs also encourages and increases the venous return to the heart and lymph nodes.

They are essential for recovery right after a performance, race or workout. In fact, it is natural that when circulation is stimulated inside the fibers, muscle fiber recovery and repair time is shortened.

There are a number of benefits also during the race. First of all, they considerably reduce muscle damage (micro-lesions of the fibers) by containing the muscle during activity. This also leads to less swelling after activity, and reduces the possibility of accident and tiredness.

Then inevitably the compression increases performance. By reducing the vibrations of the muscle (main source of fatigue), compression garments lead to greater resistance and strength, and a lower average heart rate.

Every day

The benefits of the SIXS compression products can also be appreciated in everyday activities, such as during long periods of inactivity. When we are forced to stand still or remain seated for a long time, they protect against DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) by increasing blood circulation through venous return and reducing swelling in the ankles and legs.


Data sheet

External temperature
4 Seasons
Product Type

Specific References


Compression Technology

Graduated compression to stimulate oxygenation and blood circulation, which help recovery and boost power

Hydrophobic Wave

It carries moisture to the outside so it can evaporate. The skin is always dry and thermal insulation is constant

Washing Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash with delicate programs at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C .
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron, avoid tear or force the fabric - especially when the product is wet.

SIXS recommends the use of detergents ResolvWear