Product Care

How can I take care of my product?

It is advisable to wash by hand or in the washing machine with delicate programs at a maximum temperature of 30 or 40 ° C, depending on the line: read carefully what is reported in each product sheet.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron, avoid tearing or forcing the fabric - especially when the product is wet.

SIXS recommends the use of detergents ResolvWear

Why does my product have this fragrance?

It's called FRAGRANCEX: The famous original fragrance of SIXS garments, developed in collaboration with RESOLVWEAR specifically to renew the fragrance with each wash and enriched with molecules that maintain the fibers soft and intact techniques without using softener and reducing the formation of bad odors while wearing them.

RESOLVWEAR FRAGRANCE ACTIVE is also available: Fragrance with intense fresh and mentholated scent, giving the composition an energizing and full of vitality tone.