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How does it work?

The compliance of the Original Carbon Underwear® allows sweat to be really conveyed by the skin to the outside of the product , thanks to low density zones appropriately alternated with areas of light pressure. This peculiarity guarantees the athlete a correct thermoregulation and an optimal transpiration in every condition.

Low-density zones are created through to the use of carbon fiber which, in addition to being very resistant and very light, enjoys a great capacity for thermal insulation (in fact it is usually used in spacesuits). Its fineness in the form of textile fiber, which makes it practically invisible to the human eye, creates those micro cavities that allow sweat to be channeled to the outside, leaving the dry epidermis.

Polypropylene, polyamide and polyurethane fiber, complete the mix and add essential features such as: thermoregulation, water repellency, resistance to bending and wear, elasticity and non-deformability.